The Booth

So, this is where the magic happens but of course it isn’t powered by magic… or is it?


How big is it?

The external measurements are L2.4m x W2.4m x H2.5m giving internal dimensions of L1.9m x W1.9m x H 2.2m. Large enough to fit a group, big enough to host its own party!

What does it do?

In short it just stands there. It does have its own lighting system so it can match a colour scheme or go full on disco, we can also switch the lights off… how dull…

There is also a selection of props you are free to use, to make yourself look even more amazing.

  • It's Indoor Only

    Sorry to say it could blow away if outside, also it really shouldn’t get wet which is never guaranteed with the great British weather.

  • There Is A Fan

    The booth is inflated by a constantly running fan which does make noise, nothing the average party wouldn’t drown out but in a quiet room it will make its presence known.

  • You May Make Yourself Look Silly

    We have a policy of all footage/pictures being handed over to the person who booked it, what they decide to do with such power is out of our control.

We admit it runs off electricity

Due to shortages of fairy dust the booth has been converted to use electricity. So of course we do require a plug, don’t worry we do have extension cables.