The Video Booth

If you haven’t seen the general information about the booth you can view it here.

The booth will be equipped with at least 2 cameras, 2 microphones and a lighting setup.

The microphones give good quality audio even in noisy environments and also offers stereo separation on the final video. We use lighting to get the best video quality. We do ask that we are placed away from any extreme noise like the dj/dancefloor as they generally drown out just about everything.

We do have a range of props available if you would like to look a little different for your video.


Inside The Video Booth

A typical setup for the video booth. We recommend no more than 3 people at a time, but we don’t insist on this as the current record is 8 people all in shot. We don’t have any limits on how many messages any one person can leave so come and see us as many times as you like.


DVD/Blu-ray Menu

You will receive a full animated DVD and Blu-ray, we can stand by our video/audio quality but the quality of messages left is completely out of our control.

  • What Will I Receive?

    As standard we supply a DVD and Blu-ray double pack and all the videos on a USB pen drive. We can upload them to our website or share them on youtube if you wish.

  • How Many Minutes/Hours Footage Will I Receive?

    This is completely dependent on how many people leave messages, we will actively encourage people to leave a message but unfortunately, we can’t guarantee how many will.

  • How Long Do You Stay For?

    The standard booking is 3 hours but of course we can stay for longer, as part of booking we will ask for start and end times. If at the event you wish for us to stay longer than booked just ask we can usually stay longer but this isn’t guaranteed.

So How Much Does It Cost?

You might be suprised... affordable all this is.

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