The Photo Booth

If you haven’t seen the general information about the booth you can view it here.

The booth will be equipped with a camera, a PC and 3 photo printers and to top it off, a professional photographer.

As you get an actual photographer to hold the camera rather than a machine, photos can be taken at any height/angle. We can also do ‘action shots’ including mid air jump shots.

We do have a range of props including hats, wigs, glasses, guitars and even a minion available for you to enhance your pictures.


The Photo Booth

A typical setup for the photo booth. We don’t have any limits on how many pictures any one person can have so come and see us as many times as you like.


Get The Party Started

All are welcome in the booth, due to its size and having a real photographer, shots can be individual or in groups, as sensible (or silly) as you like.

  • What Will I Receive?

    Instant prints of your photos to share and keep forever. Interesting fact our photos are certified for 100 years if stored correctly.

  • How Many Photos Will I Receive?

    This is completely dependent on how many people have pictures taken and request prints, the only limit is how long we are there.

  • How Long Do You Stay For?

    The minimum booking is 2 hours but of course we can stay longer, as part of booking we will ask for start and end times. If at the event you wish for us to stay longer than booked just ask we can usually stay longer but this isn’t guaranteed.

So How Much Does It Cost?

You might be suprised... affordable all this is.

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